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Added Benefit Added to Our Downstream Data Coverage

Sustainable Services takes pride in the fact that we are one of less than 60 information security service providers in the country that extend data-related liability coverage through Downstream Data Coverage to our customers.  As the only Downstream Data covered shredding company in the Ark-La-Tex, this shows our clients that we are truly committed to […]

Human Negligence is Top Security Threat

Especially within the healthcare industry, with so many moving pieces and an increased amount of private information being stored by organizations and their business associates, there are too many opportunities for a data breach to occur.  The Ponemon Institute’s study showed that 90% of those polled have been impacted by a data breach, and most reported […]

Business Associate Agreements at Center of Latest HIPAA Violation

The Office of Civil Rights handed down a $750,000 fine to Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic of North Carolina for failing to execute an adequate business associate (BA) agreement before handing over their clients’ protected health information to a potential business partner.  The investigation showed that 17,300 patients were effected when X-rays and other health information was […]

Five Reasons to Host a Community Shred Day

Every community should have the opportunity to securely discard their documents, and we are here to help!  Community shred events have really taken off in the past few years so here are five reasons why you should get in on the action! Customer Appreciation Earn respect and credibility from your customers by protecting their information. […]

Protecting Your Employees from Identity Theft

Controlling the growing threat of identity theft presents significant challenges for employers.  Identity theft is on the rise and the human resources department is a logical target for would-be identity thieves because it’s a treasure trove of personal data: social security numbers, home addresses, bank account numbers and other confidential information. Data theft does not […]

What Small Businesses Can Learn from the Home Depot and Target Data Breaches

In the business world, you take risks everyday.  Depending on the industry, the risks you take are vast and vary widely.  Whether it’s safety, hiring and firing practices, or not following policy and procedures, every decision you make about work has an implied risk.  According to this Business 2 Community article, “Data breaches are one of the […]

Are Your Data Security Policies and Procedures Reasonable?

All data protection regulations have one thing in common; they are based on the principle of “reasonableness.”  This allows flexibility in an organization’s compliance strategies which challenges them to put a lot of thought into their particular strategy.  While the organization determines what is reasonable for their business, the final judge of what is reasonable is the […]

Why Small Businesses Need A Shredding Service

Many small offices believe they don’t need to outsource their shredding.  The most common reasons why include, “We don’t have anything to shred,” “We don’t really shred enough stuff to get a service,” and “We just use our office shredder.”  They sometimes feel that they will have too little material to interest such a vendor, […]

The Auditors are Coming!

OCR is strengthening its oversight of covered entities’ compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule through more frequent and comprehensive audit program.  This means that OCR will be more proactive instead of reactive in evaluating if covered entities are compliant with privacy and security rules.  For example, in December 2015, three organizations were handed down monetary […]

Employee Training Reduces the Cost of a Data Breach

Data from the Ponemon Institute confirmed what we already knew – the cost of data breaches is going up considerably.  The average cost per lost or stolen record has also increased, up 12% to $154 per record.  So each single page of confidential information lost in a data breach will cost a business $154! It seems common […]