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Protect your privacy and prevent identity theft with Sustainable Services, the only NAID-certified mobile shredding service in the Ark-La-Tex. We bring our state-of-the-art shredding equipment to your location and destroy your confidential documents and hard drives right before your eyes. Then, we provide a certificate of destruction when we are done, giving you peace of mind knowing your sensitive information has been destroyed and is never at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

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Do you have...

  • A large volume of documents that need to be disposed of? 

  • A business that collects sensitive information?

  • Hard drives that need to be destroyed?

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Why choose us...

  • Texarkana’s only NAID-certified mobile document destruction company.

  • Locally owned and operated so response times are fast and flexible

  • Additional $1M data-related breach liability coverage extends to all clients

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Benefits of Mobile Shredding...

  • Outsourcing your shredding saves you time and money 

  • Our 100% secure, hands-free shredding process guarantees we never touch your documents outside of your home or business

  • Reduces your liability and odds of a data breach

Pile of Boxes


Reclaim your space and feel the weight lift from your shoulders as boxes of documents transform into empty space with a one-time purge at your home or business. 

Regularly Scheduled Services 

Never worry about confidential documents again! Our timely shredding service, with weekly and monthly options, makes security a breeze. We even install a locking bin for your peace of mind.

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Shred on your terms, not ours. Our on-demand service lets you schedule pickups at your own pace. No recurring fees, no overflowing bins. Our locking bin keeps your documents safe until you tell us to "shred it!"


Say goodbye to storage struggles. Let us store your company's records off-site at our secure document storage facility so you can focus on your next big thing. 


hard drive

Don't let your old tech haunt your future. We'll destroy your hard drives for good  so you can sleep soundly knowing your data has been destroyed ethically and responsibly and none of your files have been compromised.  

media disposal

Using our state-of-the-art shredding technology, we can destroy non-paper media items such as CDs, floppy disks, tapes, microfilm/microfiche, x-rays, flash drives, and pill bottles safely and securely. Ensuring your data is never at risk.




for a 



Picture this: your once-important documents are now reduced to a flurry of confetti. Hop aboard our high-security shred truck as your documents mingle with a vibrant community of shredded materials, twirling in a merry dance, preparing to be transformed into eco-friendly wonders in our NAID-certified facility.


The journey continues as shredded materials are carefully gathered and compressed into bales to assume their new role as recycled wonders. With the help of our NAID-approved partners, their transformation is complete – from confidential documents to guardians of the earth.

So, the next time you bid farewell sensitive documents, rest easy knowing they're off on an exhilarating adventure destined for recycling stardom. Their journey is a testament to our commitment to safeguarding your privacy while ensuring a greener future.

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Paper Texture
Paper Texture

SHREDDING GREEN: How recycled paper guards the earth.

  • Reduces waste: Recycling shredded paper helps to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills.

  • Conserves resources: Recycling shredded paper helps to conserve trees and other natural resources.

  • Saves energy: Recycling shredded paper helps to save energy, as it takes less energy to recycle paper than to produce new paper from scratch.

  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions: Recycling shredded paper helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as it takes less energy to recycle paper than to produce new paper from scratch.

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